Community Projects past and present


In 2016 members of the ASCC helped to negotiate THE BURNHEAD MOSS WIND FARM COMMUNITY FUND which was created to provide grant funding for suitable community based projects. Since that time volunteer groups have been undertaking projects in the local Avonbridge and Standburn area. By their nature these projects take place over a significant period of time and therefore tend to remain below the radar of many residents in the community area.

This page is structured to show what has been done in the past, what is underway and also encourage new volunteer project teams to come together and identify projects for the benefit of the community in the future.

Applications to the fund can made by ANY group residing in the Community Council area. For full information visit the Foundation Scotland site and if necessary contact those in ASCC who have successfully completed funding applications and projects for advice. Get started here


Obtained funding and organised the Community Action Plan for Avonbridge & Standburn identifying key areas for development in the area.

Secured funding and completed the ladies toilets refurbishment and baby change facilities in Avonbridge Hall.

Obtained funding and completed the installation of a PUMP TRACK in Avonbridge.
Details can be seen here

Secured funding and established the Education & Training Fund for Avonbridge & Standburn which was expanded across two other benefit areas and facilitated the employment of a local Outreach Worker to promote the Fund.

Secured funding and purchased Christmas trees and lights for both Avonbridge and Standburn villages .

Secured funding to permanently install power for Christmas lights on the lampposts in Avonbridge.

Arranged the Carols Round the Tree event in Avonbridge in partnership with the Avonside Inn.

Facilitated the installation of a defibrillator in Avonbridge for the benefit of all residents.


Upgrade of children's play parks in Avonbridge and Standburn. Work is starting!
An artist's impression for Avonbridge is shown here

An artist's impression for Standburn is shown here

ASCC Convener's comment: "After years of hard work and negotiation, your Community council is delighted to witness the commencement of work in Standburn to install a state of the art play and recreation area.It will immediately be followed by new equipment for a 21st century transformation in Avonbridge as well.
Follow the progress by making a visit and taking a wander around the beautiful Drumbowie woodland also in transformation. Thanks to many of the ASCC committee and local supporters, things are happening because of you and for us all supported and lead by your community councillors. Please support and thank them."

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