July 1 update EXCHANGE IS ACTIVE!! See the July 2019 update below.

A short review of the history of the fibre broadband initiative for the uk.

In layman's terms the complete overhaul, relating to technology and infrastructure, to deliver very high data speeds to the home of an existing landline subscriber is very complex and expensive. It is therefore a National UK scale project with the delivery within Scotland being delegated to the Scottish Government under Reserved Powers. The organisation charged with delivery is called Digital Scotland Superfast Broadband (DSSB). In short, DSSB are responsible for specifying the requirement in Scotland, seeking quotations from specialist potential contractors, like BTOpenreach, placing orders and managing the actual delivery of the service to landline subscribers. It is not practical to detail much here but you can get a much better idea by reading the report from Digital Connectivity in Scotland, fifth report of session 2017 to 2019

Section 3 gives a clear description.

In simple terms there are 3 phases. Phase 2 "finished" in December 2017 with the claim that the target of "95% of UK" premises are now covered in terms of access to superfast broadband. Phase 2 was in process when the work to convert many rural exchanges in our region was started, including Avonbridge. Clearly DSSB have not delivered on Phase 2 since landline subscribers connected to the Avonbridge exchange cannot access a superfast broad band service, even in 2019.

July 2019:

The DSSB website claims Avonbridge exchange is activated and you should contact your provider to enquire about getting superfast fibre broadband. In practice only people within about 1.5Km of the exchange in Avonbridge village will get the service first. The service wil be based on FTTC technology. Areas like Standburn, Blackfaulds and towards Blackbraes where FTTP technology is being installed will have to wait a while longer.

July 11 2019:

Confirmation that Superfast broadband actually is finally available in Avonbridge came today when the Avonside Inn was connected. Recorded speeds were 27.6 Mbps download and 8.14 Mbps upload, more than twice typical standard broadband available before.

A simple illustration of a coverage map is given. here

October 31 2019:

Here is the latest update from Digital Scotland for future plans. here

Check what service you can get using the DSSB App. here

This commercial site gives more details and an idea of potential providers and deals here

If local residents have information they would like to bring to the attention of the project team then use the email link below

Email link: broadbandreport@aandscc.org.uk